A monthly contest between friends pitting cook against cook in their home kitchens to make the best out of the pre-selected ingredient, culminating in a dinner party held the last saturday of every month.

Friday, March 23, 2007


As we come to one week before the dinner party/judging phase I can say that the 5 competitors you see on the side bar column to your right, are nothing to take lightly.
I do hope, however that we get a few more entries by tomorrows deadline.
I would love to have the dinner party overwhelmed with delicious food smells, and the sound of laughter.
I look forward to hear from more of you at our email address with entry details and snappy names for your dishes.

FYI: I will be posting photos of entries and contestants, as well as the final outcome of the competition here on this site.

Take care and see you contestants in a week. Sat March 31st 'round 7pm.

The Chairman.

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