A monthly contest between friends pitting cook against cook in their home kitchens to make the best out of the pre-selected ingredient, culminating in a dinner party held the last saturday of every month.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today is the day!

Today the stage will be set for the judging of the first of many Iron Cook competitions.
All contestants and their +1's should be at 601 West Saint Johns (The southwest corner of St. Johns and Guadalupe) 7:00pm on Sat. March 31st.(Tonight)
Others may be turned away.

With only one unfortunate change in line up we seem to have all of our contestants names and the names of their dishes listed here on the website.
For those of you reading this and not participating, stay tuned in to this website via either rss or by checking back with us for the next day or so for photos of the dinner party/judging phase, and also the final results.
All of these will be documented as well as possible.
If you would like to compete in April please email The Chairman with an inquiry as to how this is done.
Next months ingredient will be posted after the results of this months outcome,on the first of April.

Thank you all and I'll see you tonight!
'The Chairman'

Friday, March 23, 2007


As we come to one week before the dinner party/judging phase I can say that the 5 competitors you see on the side bar column to your right, are nothing to take lightly.
I do hope, however that we get a few more entries by tomorrows deadline.
I would love to have the dinner party overwhelmed with delicious food smells, and the sound of laughter.
I look forward to hear from more of you at our email address with entry details and snappy names for your dishes.

FYI: I will be posting photos of entries and contestants, as well as the final outcome of the competition here on this site.

Take care and see you contestants in a week. Sat March 31st 'round 7pm.

The Chairman.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cook your Fears

When asked recently what someone with little to no experience (or ideas) should cook for this contest, I gave it some thought and suggested that:

"You should take one of your favorite dishes that you have eaten either at a restaurant or had someone else prepare for you that you know for certain you could never make at home, a dish that scares you...make that dish until you love it. Then enter it into the contest."

I look forward to the dinner party, and see you all there.
"The Chairman"